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Put in don't throw in

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

It takes time. To get to where you want to be. Whether you want to be in a place that offers serenity, creativity, adventure (overall) or if you're looking for your place of happiness/security in career path, living location, relationships. Each goal to a better you, happens in time. Have you ever seen anyone go from zero to hero with progression at all? Impossible.

Even a lottery winner had to be lead to that exact place, that exact time, that exact ticket for it to happen by their own and others peoples action.


It's putting yourself in a position for greatness. Acting where it counts to create a greater outcome and knowing you won't know it all or how it will fraction out to help you level up.

It is all playing out the way it should one way or another.

We forget that each new achievement comes separately. Each playing a different part, having separate meaning, different inputs - many of which we don't realize - that's because progressions to our life are derived from forces beyond our control. Beyond our imagination, we do and don't have control. You do have the power to try, to do better, think positively - especially where it counts. Many just don't know where that is, and even when we do... we never have full control. But If you want it to play out in your favor that lies in the spirit within you. Your actions, your positive reaction and reflection on the world.

Do better but be better. Care more, judge less, and shine your light.

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