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I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the High Seas event yesterday out of Newport, CA and got to experience another one of Cali's cannabis experiences. Since moving to California a little over a year ago I have had the opportunity to attend a few cannabis events, and its never felt more like the future than it does right now July 2019. I've really been able to dip myself into the cannabis world and it's crazy that for the first time I am living in a place where weed is legal!! What freedom it is to be among people free to use the plant in its many diverse ways.

I wasn't sure what to expect at this event to be honest but as I said, I've only been to a handle of cannabis events so this whole new world is getting explored! Aside from events, I've been able to work with a trim operation as well as a medical marijuana delivery company. Both have helped me gain some knowledge about the flower and what it can do for us.

Anyyyyway, let's get back to the event!

First let's talk decor. For me this is always my number one at the start of the event. As it is fresh and untouched by our debauchery and determines a huge piece of production value in my eyes. On the bottom floor as I came aboard I was surprised to see how lush the lounge area was from the ceiling down to the faux fur throws, as well as live painters, white leather couches, plants, and giant bongs. It being the first time on the water since moving to California I was already on cloud 9 so it was the perfect place to smoke a few different strains and take in all that the event had to offer.

FOOOOOOOOD… Okay I know I’m crazy. Bianca at a Cannabis event and not hungry?! How. is. that. even. possible… Honestly, I don’t know it was so out of character for me. I did start my evening with a glass of sour fruit juice that if I hadn’t burned my mouth on piping hot pizza the night before it would’ve tasted better. A $10 glass of white wine at the bar I could’ve done without but I did stay hydrated all night with Shane’s Tea! I even got a couple bottles to go with me as well so I could try the different flavors. I also got to try some soup prepared by Chef Buds which was tomato based and pretty good. As the event was catered by Cannabis Catered Events I did expect some infused foods but there were drops to put on top of your food floating around and like I said I wasn't really sure what to expect. The vegan sushi however was my favorite thing to eat of the food being served at the buffet. I also got to try some snacks that I fell in love with provided by FUNKY OG. They came stocked with CBD snacks like dried fruit, juices, and chips that I swear tasted just like TAKIS!! I'm always down for some delish CBD treats... I think more munchies available for snacking or like little appetizers being passed out would have been nice... just to add even more bouginess to the event.

Entertainment was good from what I saw. I only got to catch a comedy performance from Neel Nanda (which was a packed performance) and a female vocalist named Duchess with the performance of her newest release. I personally preferred the comedian, I just think it fit the event better but the song she sang was still good I think I just needed a little more of her energy!

Timeless Vapes Co was sick. I love being able to try different cartridges at these cannabis

events and he even had little mouth pieces so we didn't have to wait for him to individually wipe each one down! I typically prefer a sativa strain but I fell in love with the Confetti Cake (hybrid) cartridge above all else! HIGHly recommend and can't wait to try more in the future :) They do have a selection of cartridges available in California and will rotate flavors periodically.

I also really loved the DART product, which is an easy, discreet one-hitter that can give you up to 6 clean hits!! The presentation was on point with women using what looked like a painting palette that held wine glasses full of pregrinded greens. I've included the link to the website in case you are interested in purchasing one they are super cheap, discreet, clean, and effective!

As an artist I always pay attention to decor and artwork and of course at a well planned event like this there were live painters that were great to watch after smoking so much haha. One that stood out to me was @RUBE.ZILLA. He even painted a piece for the evening event host which was really sweet and it matched his aesthetic perfectly. To me it's important that events showcase different talents and give artists the opportunity to express themselves while gaining exposure. It

seems like this event had that down

! There were so many guests there to share their gift.

Last thing I wanted to touch on was the

GIFT BAGS!! I always look forward to getting goodies and seeing what new products I get to try after an event. I was so excited to receive a new piece! A nice little grenade bong that hits beautifully. I also received all the things you see here in the photo!!

My attention span is usually not this long but I've managed to get most of my feelings about the event into this write up so big props to me. Check the gallery to see all the photos from the event and other products that were a part of it! At the end of it all I would definitely attend this event again and was introduced to some wicked new cannabis brands.

Hallelujah, thank you California.


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